MedStar Billing Specialty

Medical billing is the process of generating healthcare claims to submit of insurance companies for the.

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Special Services

MedStar Billing Specialty

Medical billing is the process of generating healthcare
claims to submit to insurance companies for the.


Traditional Chinese medicine technique using thin needles to stimulate points.

Home Health Services

In-home care services provided for individuals’ health and well-being.

Allergy & Immunology

Medical specialty focusing on allergies and immune system disorders.

Mental Health

Supporting mental well-being through therapy, counseling, and psychiatric services.


Physical rehabilitation and treatment for restoring movement and function.


Medical specialty providing pain management and anesthesia during procedures.


Medical specialty dealing with disorders of the nervous system.

Plastic/Cosmetics Surgery

Surgical procedures enhancing appearance and reconstructing physical features.


Medical specialty focusing on the heart and cardiovascular system.

Nursing Home/Assisted Living

Residential care facilities providing assistance and support for seniors.


Healthcare profession focusing on spine and musculoskeletal system alignment.


Medical specialty specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


Medical specialty addressing mental health disorders and emotional well-being.


Medical profession specializing in oral health and dental treatments.

Ob/gyn Obstetrician

Medical specialty caring for women’s reproductive health and pregnancy.


Medical specialty utilizing imaging technology for diagnosis and treatment planning.


Medical specialty dealing with skin disorders and conditions.


Medical specialty focusing on musculoskeletal system and bone-related conditions.


Medical specialty involving operative procedures for diagnosis and treatment.

Family Practice/internal

Medical specialty providing comprehensive healthcare for all ages and conditions.

Pain Management

Medical specialty addressing and treating chronic pain conditions.


Medical practice providing remote healthcare services via telecommunications technology.


Medical specialty focusing on the health and care of elderly individuals.


Medical specialty focusing on the health and care of children.

Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation specialty promoting movement and physical function through therapy.


Medical specialty dealing with urinary tract and male reproductive system.


Medical specialty focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders.


Medical specialty specializing in foot and ankle health and treatment.

Emergency rooms

Medical department providing immediate care for urgent medical conditions.

Laboratory billing

Billing and coding services for laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures.
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