We are fully aware of the complications of insurance billing along with knowledge and experience to deal with every kind of issue related to your practice.

Grow With a


Are you worried about diving into the unknown insurance world as a first-time practitioner? Are you an insurance practitioner disappointed due to the complexity of the billing for Acupuncture? We at MedStar Billing Services understand clearly the needs of each registered Dietitian, physical therapist, and Acupuncturist. We can help you to reduce office hours, minimize paperwork and receive higher and quick insurance compensation.

Ensuring Efficiency and Accuracy from Start to Finish

Exhaustive testing guarantees a consistent income cycle, from introductory patient enlistment to conclusive case accommodation and repayment.

MedStar conducts thorough testing all through the income cycle process, confirming information exactness, framework usefulness, and consistence adherence. With our careful testing approach, medical services associations can accomplish functional productivity, limit blunders, and improve income results.

MedBill Solutions

MedBill Solutions is a trusted and reliable provider of comprehensive medical billing services. With their extensive expertise and advanced technology, they offer tailored solutions to various healthcare providers and specialties. Their dedicated team of skilled professionals ensures that billing processes are streamlined, revenue cycles are maximized, and reimbursement is accurate and timely. MedBill Solutions handles critical tasks such as claims submission, payment posting, denial management, and financial reporting, allowing healthcare practices to optimize their revenue and focus on delivering exceptional patient care.


AcuRevenue is a specialized provider of billing solutions exclusively for acupuncture practices, offering expertise in maximizing revenue cycles and optimizing financial operations. With their in-depth understanding of acupuncture billing and coding, AcuRevenue ensures accurate reimbursement, streamlined claims processing, and enhanced practice efficiency, allowing practitioners to focus on patient care.

AcuRevenue’s dedicated services alleviate administrative burdens, enabling acupuncture providers to streamline their billing processes, increase revenue, and enhance overall practice efficiency.

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